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Modul-System’s website contains information about Modul-System’s products. All material on these pages is intended solely as information. It must and cannot be compared with the extensive and detailed information that you obtain through direct contact with our sales staff or a Modul-System authorised dealer.

We strive to ensure that the information on these pages shall be as comprehensive as possible, but Modul-System reserves the right at any time and without advance warning to change the content in respect to among other things products, design proposals, specification and availability.


Any price information that you find on these pages is solely a guide and the prices quoted are not fixed sales prices. The prises constitute recommended sales prices and may vary among the different dealers of Modul-System. Each purchase of a product from Modul-System is regulated in an individual contract of purchase, which clearly sets out the terms and conditions.

Use of Cookie technology

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Modul-System has no obligation or liability to study the information that visitors to this website provide and nor does it have any liability or obligation to act on any type of user information via the website. Modul-System also reserves the right to regularly check the user information and also to delete such information without stating a reason for so doing.


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Modul-System strives to keep the material on the Modul-System website up-to-date and correct, but cannot be held responsible for the validity of the content. The website and all its information is provided for the visitor solely for information purposes and must be accepted in its existing condition without any guarantees – neither expressly stated nor implied.


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Modul-System reserves the right to update the website’s policy at any time we find that this is justified and you are welcome to visit this website on a regular basis in order to study the policy that is in force.